Will You Bet Your Life on Poker? 2GuysTalkingPoker Will…

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One of my greatest pleasures is the privilege to be ringside when podcasts record at my East Network. Whether it’s the love of Tournament Bass Fishing, Songwriting, Political & Social Topics, or even the review of any of our growing library of entertainment review-based podcasts, they all offer perspective which fuels me and my perpetual thirst for education.

Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of a new podcast, that offers not only some great, detailed information about Poker (which I have no knowledge of beyond what I’ ve seen in films, played with friends way back, etc) , but also some great outside-the-box interviews with true legends of the game of Poker.

It’s called 2GuysTalkingPoker, and has journeyman broadcaster Vic Porcelli, and seasoned Poker-goer Andy Kazen as the engine that drives some really great interviews.

They recently were able to feature a gentleman – Greg Raymer – nicknamed ” Fossilman”, who is not only a former lawyer, but the 2004 World of Series Poker champion, winning more than $4-million after surviving a gauntlet of great players.

Take a listen to this most recent episode, but also take the time to help spread the word about this great new program that informs – not only those who have interest in Poker itself, but also serves tidbits of great life lessons to those outside the arena of Poker. You won’t be disappointed that you will.

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