What Does Nostalgia Mean to You?

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Inside the most recent episode of DEXTER, on Showtime, we’re all showered with outstanding samples of what is my favorite kind of nostalgia. When you watch television and see things that “remind” you of things, and then you get to chat about it – in depth – in my case with my co-host Scott Roberts, as we reviewed this great third episode during DEXTER’s 6th season entitled, “Smokey and The Bandit.” Along with a CHERRY version of the car that – I think all boys eventually love, references to so many conversations we’ve all had at one point or another, or the stories shared from Scott and I, this 3rd episode helped me to remember once again just how much and what nostalgia means to me.

I’ve been reviewing television, feature films and more now for almost 8 years and I’m always on the look out of episodes of television series that will help usher people into a series they may not have chosen previously for – whatever reason. In the case of DEXTER, I wasn’t completely sold on the idea of “visiting the land of a serial killer each week” because I mean – well, what are we “covering here?” When I learned that yes, DEXTER IS a serial killer – of BAD GUYS – the tide changed quickly. In a couple of short weeks, my wife and I had churned through the first three entire seasons of DEXTER and were ready not only for the launch of Season 5 AND The 2GuysTalking: DEXTER Podcast effort. This is one of the very few episodes I’ve seen on television that DOESN’T include all of the hallmark pieces of DEXTER, but still provides the perfect opportunity to offer up the detail that WILL hook new listeners.

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The 2GuysTalking: DEXTER Podcast DEXTER –
A Review of Season 6, Episode 3
– Smokey and the Bandit
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Y’Know, nostalgia is something that I think is as powerful as any other emotion you can think of. Sure, happiness makes the afternoon pass quick, and rage, well, there’s nothing that’ll make a conversation go faster than rage. But nostalgia? Nostalgia is almost a time machine for – well everyone. It’ll catapult you back to times long gone by, to memories of many kinds in your life, but most of all, nostalgia will transport you to the times in your life that had the most impact. This episode of Dexter CERTAINLY has impact, and transports us to some places – some festive and others disturbing but at the heart of it all is nostalgia.

Join my co-host Scott Roberts and I as we open up yet another chest of nostalgia revisiting a recent memory, the third episode of Season 6 of DEXTER here via the 2GuysTalking DEXTER Podcast, recorded live inside of 2GuysTalking East Studios, in historic St. Charles, Missouri!

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