What Do You Know About Your Feelings Of Awe?

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I have heard that many who attend church and believe in God, get a feeling of awe and know they are in the presence of God while at church. I don’t doubt they think and/or believe that God is the cause of their awe, but I know I have had such feelings when I’m nowhere near a church. As I have stated in an earlier post, I’m unsure of what to believe regarding God and religion and therefore, assume I’m agnostic. In fact, I wrote that post attempting to explain my beliefs or lack thereof.

Let’s explore this feeling of “awe” that was mentioned earlier. I’ll admit that when I attend a church service and the congregation is, in unison, chanting and singing, that I get a feeling which is best described as joy, glory, or yes, awe. Now, when I see a majestic mountain, a beautiful rainbow or a painted desert scene, I also have an awesome experience. Of course, all of these are the direct products of Mother Nature and often times are directly attributed to God. But, what about the feeling of awe that I have when I see the St. Louis Arch? Or, what about the awesome feeling I have when I see a good uplifting movie? My point is that just because a feeling of “awe” is experienced, there is no way for that to be proof of the presence of God.

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