Weekly Firecast Episode 17 – Cajun Heat C’est Bon Cajun Q BBQ Sauce

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Cajun Heat C'est Bon Cajun Q BBQ SauceOfficially “debuting” on April 27, 2012, C’est Bon Cajun Q BBQ Sauce from Cajun Heat is owner Clement Bourg’s painstakingly-crafted version of a barbecue topper that contains the unique blend of Louisiana-inspired spices. After I swallow a spoonful of the sauce, I test it out on food for the first time on camera. Can I declare about this sauce “it’s good!” (which is what “C’est Bon” means in French)? Watch the video to catch my unique reaction.

If you’re interested in purchasing this sauce (it comes in a 16 oz bottle) or any other of Cajun Heat’s top notch products, you can get a 35% discount on your entire order all day long on Friday, April 27, 2012 if you use the coupon code CAJUN-Q at CajunHeat.com!

By the way, Happy Birthday, Clement!

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