Satisfaction Arrives Regularly in True Blood’s 5th Season

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Work has never been completed so easily, so quickly, and so satisfyingly.

This week on the Fangbanger Podcast Mike and I knocked out the podcast in record time. It really is wonderful when things work in your favor. So far in this season of True Blood, that’s what is happening on the show as well. A jam-packed season opener followed by a more coherent episode in week two and then episode three flows along and really launches the season forward.

Ahh, satisfaction is truly something to be savored.

I’m looking forward to things clicking like that for the rest of the season on True Blood, and I have good reason. The show has been renewed for a sixth season, though this is Alan Ball’s last season as show runner. I get the impression the need to “Go Out on Top” is there for him. He wants this to be a spectacular season. My thoughts are that things are going to work out in his favor.

As far as the podcast goes, listen for what I hope is the new development for Tara, lol.
What do you think? Am I wrong? (Mike thinks so fairly often).

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So until our next episode; Invite us in, we promise not to bite.

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