Remembering Stuart Adamson – Day 1 of 11…

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Those of you that haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing the music of Stuart Adamson, lead singer of Big Country, should enjoy this series of tributes in prelude to his birthday this month on the 11th.

Stuart headlined a number of bands (Big Country being the most prominent) over the years and had a vocal and guitar skill set that is pretty hard to match. After a hiatus from music from a long time, I eventually discovered not only did Big Country have an even larger library of music than just their original album which has graced my music collection since it arrive in the 80s, but he sadly took his own life in Hawaii in 2001 after a clash with depression, memories and more.

So enjoy my first homage to a man that had so much to offer, that I finally DO get to revel in and share with others. Stuart’s birthday would have been on the 11th of April. Stuart, you will be missed, sir.

Here’s Big Country, with “SHIPS” in HD no less. I’ve included the lyrics for my readers in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community as well. Tell me your thoughts and be sure to stop back for more music from a clearly one of a kind character as I continue this series.

Remember also that the hotlines for both National and International Emotional Support organizations are listed here. If you know friends or family that need help – get it for them. Both the National Hopeline 1-800-784-2433 (For the US, Canada and the UK) and The Befrienders Worldwide (41 countries worldwide) Networks are ready to help.

Lyrics to SHIPS from Big Country
From the Album Buffalo Skinners

“Look at him now, another used man
Wearing the passing of his dignity with all the courage that he can
He stood in the storm, carved out in stone
He said I’ve worn my honesty with pride in everything I’ve done

So where were you when my ship went down
Where were you when I ran aground
Where were you when I turned it around
Where were you when they burned me down

You see her now, all tired and worn
She never thought her life would come to be so cold or so alone
She walked in the light, fought bondage for love
She said I cast off the chains that I was born with but it never was enough


Silent souls washed up on the shores
Left to walk the sands evermore, evermore

Look at you now just chasing your life
Make like the saviour of the planet
You’re just trying to get by
Now you may walk the line, you may see it all through
But I know you cry yourself to sleep at night just wondering what to do”