Partners, When All Hell is Shaking Loose… tagged:

Partners, When All Hell is Shaking Loose…

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You can’t always depend on someone you have issues with to support you – much less when one of them is the dark spirit of vengeance! Season 4 of Mareel’s Agents of SHIELD has kicked off, dark and firey, literally!

The storytelling is there. The characters and previously-unavailable Marvel property is there too. Where will this episode take the viewers, but more importantly – how can all of this tie into the future Marvel Cinematic offerings coming both this year and in the future?

The Agents of SHIELD Podcast hosts Mike Wilkerson & Nicholas J Hearne begin a deep dig through the storied Marvel catacombs to unearth all of the details that will show you and others who are interested what an interesting tapestry is being created inside this season of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD!

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