Men Wearing Make-up…

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Preparing for the 2012 Greater St. Charles Fashion Week slated for next month, we soon begin to think about fashions, and our minds wander to hair and makeup.

Recently on “The Talk” the ladies were conversing about men’s cosmetics as a growing business and whether they personally liked men wearing makeup and whether the typical man would ever “fix his face.” The women came to the arguable conclusion that it was at the very least positive for rock stars of today and generations past. They also spoke favorably of former American Idol Contestant Adam Lambert and his painted face. They spoke of the men in their own lives and on their show who have confessed to using moisturizers and Chapstick.

This year’s Fashion Week will feature Indashio’s nail polish line for men. It has become accepted today that men and women both get manicures and pedicures not only for the aesthetic appeal, but simply because it is healthy to care for your hands and feet, the most used parts of your body. Are men boarding the vanity train and is that ok with you?

St. Charles Fashion Week is intrigued to see designs from the talented fashion designer, stylist, and TV personality INDASHIO on Saturday, August 25th! And on top of all that- he has just launched a Limited Edition Nail Color with EVOLUTIONMAN called “Indashio Black” at Frames NYC. Specially designed for men, the “black in 3D” metallic black with gold flecks polish, has a super cool matte finish and is toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate free. EVOLUTIONMAN founder Marco Berardini says: “I am so excited about this new collaboration! The color is cool, sleek, and its matte masculine finish is super rockstar!” ROCK ON INDASHIO.