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Making Dreams Sweet – One Child at a Time…

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It was on September 28 of 2008 that we shipped our first Sweet Dreams Pillow to the grandmother of a boy whose dad was scheduled to deploy. Never in our wildest dreams did we foresee how from one pillow requests for these little pillows would grow.

Today, August 18, marks a milestone for the Sweet Dreams Pillow Project having now shipped over 10.000 pillows to children of those members of our armed forces who are deployed and away from their family for three months or longer.
Our stated mission has always been to bring a little comfort to these children who one mom called “Our little heroes” while their parent, and in a few cases, parents are away in the service of their country. And from the hundreds upon hundreds of responses we have received along with pictures of thousands of children with their Sweet Dreams Pillows we know our mission is an ongoing success.

We also know giving the children pillows with a picture of their mom or dad on the front has also made the lives of parents who stay behind and care for these children a little easier. And in that regard over 5,500 families have been touched by our Sweet Dreams Pillow Project.

Of course this is a team effort. We know we couldn’t have reached this milestone without the help of our Pillow Platoon Volunteers who have spent hours helping sew these very special pillows for thousands of these precious little ones.

We are also grateful for the generosity of so many friends and organizations who have contributed financially to our Project. THANK YOU!!! As you know we do not charge for these pillows. Every cent we receive goes pay for the making and shipping of these pillows. Everyone associated with our Pillow Project is a volunteer. No one receives any financial compensation for the time they donate to sew these special gifts. Their compensation is the satisfaction they get from making a difference in the lives of these precious children.

And last but not least a BIG THANK YOU to Mike Wilkerson our web master for the time and effort he made as can be seen in our web site’s new look. Pretty darn cool!!! There is no doubt that the web site he created has contributed in no small measure to our mission’s success. If you haven’t visited our web site we invite you to do so at

In closing, we ask that you keep those who are deployed and their family in your daily prayers.

John & Linda

“Let the little children come to Me…for such is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 19:14

NOTE: The Sweet Dreams Pillow Project is currently on hiatus, as John and Linda affect a cross-country move. Please keep visiting The Sweet Dreams Pillow Project website for more details, relaunch announcements and information to get your pillow ordered to make more dreams sweet.