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Live music has a special place in my heart. I can remember many times when I was 7 and 8 years old when my Mom would  take me to events where she was either singing or when she was visiting/supporting friends at a venue that were performing and I remember being awestruck at the people that performed.

Surely those moments and memories are at least a grain of what’s instilled the want to “perform” in front of people now as a professional podcaster, but I’ll tell you – I don’t have the musical gifts that I’ve seen over the years. My first concert (gawd, 25 years to the week, 1986, wow), Glass Tiger & Journey now way too many moons ago at the Rosemont Horizon outside of Chicago, afforded me the REAL opportunity to understand the power of live music, especially guitar work. Last week, Write Night host Greg Harned welcomed in Bud Summers, a guitarist/vocalist that did way more than offer us recorded songs to showcase during another interesting songwriting-exploration session on Write Night – he offered up more great, in-studio, right-there-in-front-of-your-face music and suddenly I felt the nostalgia of watching those people on stage sing songs that I had only known in one form – ever – and now was being shown them with wonderful acoustical guitar work.

Be sure to checkout the most recent episode of Write Night with Greg Harned, and listen to more great, in-studio, live guitar work from musician Bud Summers, who offers some bluesy, from-the-heart, detailed acoustic guitar work to everyone.

Write Night – Exploring Songwriting – Bud Summers in Studio!

Write Night welcomes another great guitarist/vocalist to play LIVE in The 2GuysTalking East Studio. Bud Summers is another St. Louis-area artist who has been to and knows Nashville quite a bit and he shares not only some great stories of his trips to Nashville, but also some great, live music for hosts Greg and Kevin Harned. Check it out and remember to visit the music of Bud Summers at BudSummers.Com .

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