It’s Good to Be Bad – Another True Blood Season Launches… tagged:

It’s Good to Be Bad – Another True Blood Season Launches…

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June has arrived and time has come once again for The Fangbanger Podcast review of HBO’s True Blood!

My co-host Mike Wilkerson and I sat down to review the season 5 launch episode of True Blood this week on the Fangbanger Podcast and we got into a discussion about the nature of shock value inside of the show. Mike had made comments about how he “felt uncomfortable” watching a few things in the episode, the eating of Marcus’ corpse and Eric having sex with his sister, and wondered why the writers felt the need to put that into the show.

My answer was simple; these are not people doing these things in this show. They are Monsters.

It is often hard to remember that the beautiful people we see onscreen every week in this show are not humans, with our value systems and social mores; they are instead monsters and nothing at all like us. To a thousand year old vampire, who someone was before they became a vampire a millennia ago is meaningless. We all know that animals will eat their own and that is what werewolves are, animals. Sometimes the best way to remind the viewers of this is to have the characters do something that, to us sitting at home, gets us squirming.

Vampires and Werewolves are Not Humans. They can talk about it, use SFX to show it, but the reality of it only sets in when you feel it.

That is what makes this show and the characters on it worth watching – they “want to do bad things” – and we’ll be there each week watching and reviewing what they do. What do you guys think? Am I wrong? Make sure you use the links below to listen to not only the most recent episode of The Fangbanger Podcast, reviewing each episode of HBO’s True Blood hour-by-hour, but also our True Blood: Transfusion – our video-only Fan Feedback segment featuring you!

So, until next episode; Invite us in, we promise not to bite.

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