El Hombre

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As a kid growing up during the Wonder Years in Ohio (that’s the late 60’s/early 70’s for those not familiar with the TV show), I followed some good baseball players like Johnny Bench and Pete Rose, who played on the Big Red Machine aka the Cincinnati Reds. Of course there were some even better players at that time. I am old enough to remember Hank Aaron and even Willie Mays play. These are Hall of Fame players who helped make baseball into America’s National Pastime. But now as a St. Louis Cardinals fan (having lived in St. Louis since 1981), what we are seeing in Albert Pujols is nothing short of amazing. His exploits yesterday in the home opener make you just sit back and smile. He is arguably the second best Cardinal of all time next to Stan Musial, and he is a Hall of Fame lock barring some sort of career ending injury. Unlike many other “superstars” before him, Albert knows his place in history, respects the players who played the game before him, and does not want to be in the limelight. So watch El Hombre play like no other and remind your kids that they may be witnessing the best ever!