Dustin Poirier’s upset at UFC 125 rocks Featherweight division tagged:

Dustin Poirier’s upset at UFC 125 rocks Featherweight division

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Its time we toss aside what we thought we knew about the UFC’s featherweight division. Most super fans and analyst had Josh Grispi already crowned as the next dominant force among featherweights, but what we witnessed in the preims for UFC 125 was something that most people thought unimaginable.

Dustin Poirier, native of Lafayette, LA and a student of UFC veteran Tim Credeur was late replacement on the UFC card when Jose Aldo could not defend his title against Grispi. Poirier entered the fight an unknown name is the sport of MMA, but convincing controlled Grispi in every round leading to a unanimous decision over his once-thought “untouchable” opponent. This loss pretty much drops Grispi out of the title chase, at least for now…and vaults Poirier’s stock in the division. Maybe with one more dominant performance we could see Dustin Poirier staring at a title match in the near future.

With the recent addition of former WEC fighters to the UFC roster, it will add some depth to many divisions such as the flyweight division.

But the “experts” of the sport no longer have a concept of who the top tier fighters in any division are due to recent performances such as Dustin Poiriers. Some even claim that the sport of MMA is reaching its next generation of dominate fighters even more prematurely than expected and what we thought we know no longer exists. Its an adjust period for the fighters and media alike and will provide the fans with top level talent on each and every card in every talent-saturated weight class.

2011 is already proving that it is a good time to be an MMA fan.