Directors, Daughters and True Blood – Oh My!

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This week on the Fangbanger Podcast we reviewed True Blood season 5 episode 4 “We’ll Meet Again” with the director of the episode Romeo Tirone. We spoke to Romeo last year about the episode he directed and about being a cinematographer for both True Blood and Dexter. This time we were fortunate enough to have him on the phone as we did the weekly review, and we learned a few things.

Mike and I are both fathers to daughters so some of the heart of this week’s show rang true with us. This episode saw some great Father/Daughter moments with Eric and Pam, and Bill and Jessica. The emotional scene between Pam and Eric on the basement stairs of Fangtasia; where Eric releases Pam from his service as her maker was powerful, and as we learned from Romeo, though on the actors as well. Both Mike and I could relate to the reassuring that everything will be alright Bill gave to Jessica when he knew well and good – that it wouldn’t.

The best part for me though this week as learning about the “goo drop” and the “blood cannon” used for the staking in the Authority HQ. Mike and I have speculated how they produce the great gory effect of the “popping” of a vampire, and now thanks to Romeo – we know. Plus a discussion about Chris Meloni and the power and professionalism he brings to the set and show made for a great insightful interview.

I encourage everyone to listen to this week’s Fangbanger Podcast and see what other awesome things we learned from director Romeo Tirone. This is one you can’t miss.

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So until next episode; Invite us in, we promise not to bite.

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