Become One Who has Seen The Eye! A Call for Clocks…

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Clocks: They’re something that all of us think about. Whether it’s the one you punch during the week, the one you try to inch along while waiting for an event to arrive, or the one you watch waiting to skeedaddle to pick up your wife from work, we see a lot of clocks every day.

About a month ago, I was walking into Target to pay my credit card bill and after I’d completed paying I went for a short walk in the strip mall to do some window shopping and to just cut free from “doing something.” As I walked by the local Michael’s Craft store, I saw one of the coolest clocks that I’d seen in a long time. Metal, almost a thick black wreath, with  a dual-woven pattern. Now the “black wreath” factor had me already, but I’ve been looking for something to take up some recently-emptied space inside my home theater, “The Shire” – a Lord of the Rings-inspired and named space that serves as the center of my entertainment realm adjacent to my home office. Well here it was.

I bought the plain white clock, surrounded by this molded-black metal and thought: How cool would it be to put the “Eye of Sauron” in the center of it – an eye that was “lidless – wreathed in flame?” That was it! I’d pop the center back of the clock out, and replace it with a digitally-created eye that was based on the eye of the Dark Lord himself, Sauron, who’s eye would be fixed on all that would visit. Late last night while taking a break between podcast edits, I finished it. Behold the newest edition to The Shire!

Check out The Eye of Sauron Clock!

So what do you think? Are you as captivated as I am with my new addition? Probably not, but I am interested what you think! Tell me what you think and tell your other Lord of the Rings friends about it. Have you made or altered a clock inside of your home or office? Are you a Lord of the Rings Fan?
Tell me now – as you are now also “one who has seen the eye!”