Artists Abroad – Indonesia 2010 – Part Three (Jakarta)

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We woke up from our first night far earlier than I would normally.  I tried to force myself to stay in bed a bit longer so that I could better acclimate to the time difference (13 hours) but finally ended up showering and getting dressed to do some minor exploring.  This is the view from the hotel:

I walked down the street to a familiar store that we passed on the way in the night before, 7-11.  I figured it would be a good place to grab a caffeinated beverage and some snacks to carry with us.  I ended up getting what appeared to be the Japanese equivalent of Teddy Grahams and a couple bottles of soda, one of which turned out to be something called Pepsi Blue.  I brought both cameras but didn’t take many pictures with the digital.  The trash guys were interesting, hard to see from this shot, but a couple of them were barefoot:

My wife was up and dressed by the time I got back, we sat around and watched TV for a bit before heading down to meet the group for breakfast.  A bunch of us decided to do some exploring of a nearby mall.  We set out walking and got no further than the corner when we saw the first raindrops.  I was about to suggest looking for a cab, but didn’t since the mall was supposed to be only 2 blocks away….we were halfway there!  It turned out to be much farther.  They were doing sewer repairs on the street, shoeless guy with jackhammers and the whole nine yards so we were walking in this downpour that only started to subside once we arrived at our destination.  People were pointing and laughing at us because we were like the only people who were wet.

The mall was pretty neat.  Each floor seemed to have it’s own category, there was even a floor for knockoff merchandise.  Here is a view from one of the upper floors:

It’s hard to see, but there is a safety net at the bottom.  I think if you fell on it though it wouldn’t save you so much as turn you into Julienne fries.  The whole place too quite a while to explore and we will most likely go back later once we return to Jakarta later in our trip.  On the way back we encountered a lot of beggars, one child in particular followed us for about 2 blocks tapping on our elbows and everything.  It was pretty sad and eyeopening at the same time.  We returned to the hotel to get cleaned up and have dinner and prepare for our travels the next day.