Artists Abroad – Indonesia 2010 – Part Four (The Road to Bali)

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We left the hotel in Jakarta after breakfast to fly to the island of Bali where we would be doing the bulk of our cultural explorations for the trip.  More sets of security, but with a different amount of thoroughness and more checks.  It will be amazing if any of my film turns out as many times as it has been x-rayed.  I found myself thinking about the airport scenes from the movie “The Golden Child” a lot as we navigated the terminal.

The flight was short, but still included a full meal, and we arrived in Bali on schedule.  The airport in Denpasar was really a trip.  We exited the plane using the old fashioned stairs and ended up on what looked like a big parking lot where we took a shuttle bus to the terminal to get our luggage and arrange our taxi.  We ended up not needing to get a ride since Harry Lim had arranged transportation for us already.  The guy with the sign was waiting for us at the exit and everything.  We got moving toward our hotel in very short order.  I was sooooo happy to see this sign:

There were scooters on the road everywhere on the way to our hotel:

As we got near our hotel we got this stunning view of the setting sun:

Better than that was the room at the hotel.  Very swank indeed:

We ended the evening by meeting with both Harry Lim and Mario Blanco (one of our hosts in Indonesia) for dinner in town.  The place was setup really interestingly.  The restaurant was setup on a small courtyard with small shops around it.  The food and the company was great.  I knew it would be a great week.