Artists Abroad – Indonesia 2010 – Part Five (Bali, Day One)

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The bed that I showed you on the last post… I never got to sleep on it.  We found out that Mario Blanco, whose museum was hosting our exhibition in Bali, was kind enough to arrange several workshops and activities that would showcase the art and culture of the town of Ubud where the museum is located.  Since Ubud is about an hour and a half trip one way it was decided (with much debate and drama) that we would be better served to check out of the hotel in the morning and into the hotel in Ubud that we were going to stay at later in the week.  A bunch of us decided to take advantage of the pool and then hang out chatting and working on various computer tasks.  The 12 hour time difference makes late night/early morning the best time to chat with family and friends back home.

Transportation arrived in the morning to take us to Ubud.  The car I was riding in got rear-ended on the way, but it was a very minor fender bender.  We arrived at the Blanco Renaissance Museum where we met up with Mario Blanco.  We stowed our luggage quickly in one of his storage areas until we could check into the hotel and then went to have an audience with the king of Ubud, Drs. Tjokorda Gde Putra Sukawati.  The temple and palace complex was bustling with activity, young children were getting lessons in Balinese dance among other things.  There was so much beauty that it was hard to take it all in.

We were led back through a set of gates that were marked no admittance and that is where things got REALLY lush.

I was only expecting a quick handshake meet and greet but we were led up to his private sitting area where we were introduced and then listened to him tell us about the history of the area and their efforts to make Ubud the best art community in the world.  He spoke for almost an hour, sharing photo albums of his family and the history of the town and then we had tea and snacks together before posing for photos.  His words were incredibly inspiring and the passion with which he spoke about the importance of art and it’s necessity to any community is something that will stay with me for my lifetime.

After our visit we toured the Puri Lukisan Museum, which the King’s father established.  This was followed by a tour of Mario Blanco’s museum. won’t post pictures of it just yet….. but suffice to say that it is as fantastic a venue for artwork as is possible.  His tour was full of insight and humor and we have gotten the full rockstar treatment since we arrived.  I feel so incredibly blessed to have this opportunity.

After the tour we checked into the hotel, which is a very short walk from the museum.  It’s not the royal palace, but I have yet to stay at a nicer hotel.  After being awake for 2 full days a good night’s sleep was in order, but a pool like this begs to be used: