What’s Bloggers Bug


The word has a different meaning for each person that reads, creates or perpetuates one

One of our favorite sites, “The Visual Thesaurus” defines the word Blog as:


The WikiPedia has an even more focused definition of the word Blog.


Whether you support the definitions above, or one of your own finding, one thing holds true: The definition is different for everyone. After all, perspective is never the same from two different sets of eyes.

Over the years, Bloggers have been searching for a nexus – a place to visit that can be an focal point of information, education, satisfaction and more. Bloggers Bug was created first and foremost for the purpose of promoting the activities, businesses, opinions and efforts of people that are utilizing Blogs to convey their thoughts. Are YOU looking for a place to go to share YOUR information with like minds to provide your little piece of the puzzle that makes up the blogosphere?

Then it’s time to Get Bit By The Bloggers Bug.

Click here to find out more about how to become a member and be sure to tell other bloggers that finally there is a place to share your thoughts, perspective, viewpoints and talents now.