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Those of you reading probably think that subtitles are solely created for the purpose of conveying what’s said inside of foreign films. To take a different language, convert it to English to showcase what’s going on inside of movies. Those of you with a bit larger scope will understand that not only do the subtitles convey what’s going on in “another language (in the case of the dialog being provided in English)” for those watching, but subtitles also deliver as close to everything as possible to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing user.

An exciting piece of propaganda arrived in my Email box this evening from a faction of Mozilla (the people that bring you a variety of softwares that include FireFox (a web browser), Thunderbird (a grand Email client that I had used for years previously) and an assortment of other products that speak directly to the evolution of productivity.

The project referred to in this most recent note was “Universal Subtitles”, an effort that’s been in creation for some time, that is making the best effort on the planet currently to bring the option of subtitles (English and a variety of other languages) to the continually-growing expanse of the Internet.

There are two reasons this push is so groundbreaking:

1.) This isn’t just about “subtitling all videos” this is about being able to allow any video client to find matching subtitles, as well as to create open source tools that will make creating subtitles and translations easy.

2.) Each dollar that’s donated in the hunt for $25,000, will be matched dollar for dollar – something that doesn’t happen often outside of many employers offices for an effort of this kind.

For those that have wondered where the “game-changing move” that will be made on the Internet has been, I have to tell you. This one is MONUMENTAL. Imagine whatever message you’re pushing to the Internet, had an international translation-ability included with it? Imagine the people that could be accessed across the globe that you would have never had the chance to tap previously?

In my case, imagine the access that I, my Deaf wife, and legions of Deaf and Hard of Hearing readers and followers could finally take advantage of and learn even more than before about?

If ever there was an effort to get behind, rally for, and revel in, Universal Subtitles is it.

Follow the link below for more details and let me know how I can help you find out more about the benefits of transcripted podcasting, closed captioning and subtitles that help to send messages to corners of the world that you probably have never thought of.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Universal Subtitles

Help create an open system that lets anyone make and watch video subtitles. Donate now and Mozilla will match your donation, dollar for dollar.

Help Mozilla, Miro and the Participatory Culture Foundation create an open standard that lets any video client find matching subtitles, as well as open source tools that make creating subtitles and translations easy. The team will develop a Firefox extension that looks up and displays corresponding subtitles, as well as a community subtitle database. Learn more.

The project needs to raise $25,000 to get started. If you donate now, Mozilla will match your donation, dollar for dollar, from the Open Web Fund.

Click here or the image below to read it all Via Mozilla.Org