2 Minutes of Hockey Love – Wednesday, May 26th 2010

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We’ve got ourselves a few days between games (Saturday), also we should start preparing ourselves for the off season in which traffic on all news, action and unfortunately blogs and podcasts will slow down.

I’m sure a number of you are likely expecting a new podcast soon, I haven’t spoken with my counter part on the subject but I’m sure he’ll read this and likely agree.  Round 3 passed far too quickly to the point our last show only was aired 6 days prior.  I think it’s safe to think we will wait to have a big show once the Stanley Cup is awarded.  What more is needed to be said at this point that wasn’t already addressed in our last show.  Please check it out, it’s episode #17 at www.lightthelamppodcast.com and I’m sure you’ll get some awesome arguments and rants to get your rocks off with.

When it comes to the Stanley Cup final, not only am I completely surprised that I picked not 1 team involved in it, but both from Day 1 of the season.  I know I keep pushing this on everyone, but I think this is more than just luck and as well this perhaps may be my coming out party in the perspective that I indeed know more than your average poolie.  I have predicted the Ducks winning the Cup from Day 1 years ago, perhaps this year I will in fact be correct when I see Mike Richards lift Lord Stanley’s mug…      or I could be incorrect with my Day 1 prediction when Captain Serious ends the Hawks cup drought which is actually longer than the Toronto Maple Leafs.  Part of me would like to see Chicago win because of that, no team deserves to go that long without one and not one understands this more than Leaf fans.

Regardless of the out come, I will be tooting my own horn in the next podcast about how smart I am, because honestly through 6 months of a season + 2 months of playoffs with ups and down, streaks, injuries, and history being made… exactly what I said and why occurred.   I think that takes a little more than just luck on my side when there are 30 teams involved.

On a side note: I like the move of making Stevie Y. the new G.M. of the Lightning in the sense that he is the best AVAILABLE candidate for the job, however that doesn’t make him the best candidate.  This isn’t team Canada, but he seems to have inherited all of their taxi squad choices from the Olympics, we’ll see if he can turn them around, or perhaps finally get the deal done that moves Vinny Lecavalier to Montreal.  Speaking of Montreal signing players, with both Carey Price and Juro Halak restricted free agents, I think it’s time for the Habs to finally part ways with Price, sign Halak and use the opened up cap room to obtain another top 6 forward or perhaps use the money as some leverage to cut the fat.  (Not all men named Scott are great hockey players, I am living proof along with another overpaid forward in Montreal).