2 Minutes of Hockey Hate – Saturday, May 1st 2010

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As much as I would like to post everyday, sometimes work gets in the way my apologies for that and into the future.  So You get a double minor of a post today! 4 MINUTES!

We are into Round 2 with the two teams I am keeping the playoff beard going for the Penguins & the Sharks… They’ve started off well enough to go up 1-0 in their respective series.  Let’s start with the Sharks.  I saw enough of the game on the late night replay to see the bright spot, which is the ghost of Dany Heatley playoff past is returning.  This guy is reseeding back into the post season warrior he has shown to be in the past.  He makes Joe Thornton look better so hopefully everyone will get off his back.  Bottom line is the Defense needs to be better with the exception of Dan Boyle.  Rob Blake I’m looking at you and Dougie Murray for this.  Joe Pavelski… What can I say about you little buddy, NHL.com doesn’t make commercial ads out of B level players and performances…  You are now a star!  Keep it up!

Pittsburgh has lost Jordin Staal for at least this round.  A freak bump into my boy Parnell Karl Subban has forced him to get what is called minor surgery this morning on the top of his foot on a tendon that extends to his toe.  I don’t care what people say, there is no such thing as ‘minor’ when it comes to surgery.  This will hurt the Pens, but not as much as losing Andrei Markov for the Habs.  They were atrocious in the first 3 months of the season, and only got turned around when he returned early to the lineup in Feburary with enough time for them to win some games to barely get in.   Montreal found out last night that Pittsburgh is NOT Washington.  They screen the goalie VERY well, they pass instead of firing everything at the net from horrible angles (except Poni because he’s Russian).  This is why if we had in fact managed to get Washington vs. Pittsburgh Round 2… Pittsburgh would win again.  Superior team.

Just some side notes as I’m watching the 1st period of Flyers/Bruins.  Savard is back in the line-up, and I agree with Don Cherry.  I’m worried he’ll take a hit, and end up becoming this generation’s Eric Lindros.  Marco Strum is out of the game already, he checked himself outta the game by finishing awkwardly however his line managed to put a quick one in.  My question is that with 9 days off for the Flyers… I thought Michael Leighton was supposed to be back by now?  Is he on the bench as the back-up yet?  Someone get back to me on this.